Writing to the Core – Level 3


Why teach writing skills?

Writing is one of the most important milestones occurring in your child’s life, since it allows him or her to interact with the surrounding world and communicate with others effectively. As a parent, it is very important to encourage your child’s writing skills, and you can typically do so by starting out with exercises as simple as teaching your child to hold a pen or pencil.

While it may be unrealistic to expect your child to write long, coherent sentences at a young age, keep in mind that setting the foundation for your child’s developmental skills by helping him or her learn the basics of writing is one of the best skills you can teach.



Product Description

Level 3 (Second Grade Core skills aligned with State Core Literacy and Writing Standards):

  • Write sentences with feeling words and the sense
  • Write a paragraph with who, what, when, where, and why
  • Understand punctuation and capitalization in a sentence. Capitalize holidays, product names, and geographic names
  • Write out the sound digraphs, correctly identifying and writing them in words
  • Write age appropriate Dolch sight words
  • Creating a rhyming word poem or riddle
  • Recognize and write irregularly spelled words
  • Know collective nouns and group names
  • Use plural nouns correctly
  • Write common prefixes and suffixes
  • Understand meaning of basic homophones
  • Provide a conclusion statement to a short paragraph
  • Form contractions with apostrophes


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